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Liberation or Limitation?

Sometimes constraining your choices feels freeing: the freedom to not think.

But other times the same constraints feel like a trap or like its overly “safe”, leaving you with the feeling that you don’t get what you want. The constraints feel, well, constraining.

Where do constraints make you feel liberated?
Where do they make you feel limited?

Wisdom From Einstein

Einstein offered one of my favorite quotes, ever.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift
and the rational mind, a faithful servant.

We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

It reminds me to listen, carefully.

Every social situation has a baseline series of expectations.

In an interview at a bank, you’re expected to dress formally.
On a first date, you’re expected to have showered recently.

These expectations are often unstated and sometimes highly nuanced (for example, swearing is acceptable at some companies and shunned at others) — but when you want something, to the best of your knowledge, don’t screw with the baseline.

Breaking social expectations  is a simple and easy out for someone to say no to you. Don’t give them that opportunity.

I attended a conference last week with lively discussion about the deliberate introduction of serendipity into our lives.

We are becoming more and more saturated by information and that is highly curated. In general, this is a great thing — its more efficient, more interesting and generally validating. That’s pretty hard to argue with.

And that is exactly the challenge: serendipity, which is inherently uncertain, struggles to win the competition for attention with curation. Curation is an almost guaranteed dopamine hit… while seeking serendipity is anything but guaranteed (and may be negative).

This explains why we check our phones rather than strike up random conversation.

Serendipity fuels creativity, innovation and luck. We need it to outgrow our own limitations. Yet taking the risk to seek it out is becoming more and more challenging.