Relationship Glue

Relationships are glued together by shared experience. And, while, chit chat over brunch counts... creating something together counts so much more.

Creation, by its very nature, causes us to play with vulnerability. And vulnerability is gasoline on the fire of a relationship.

When we're at our edge, we see parts of ourselves and others that normally hide just underneath the surface: the competitive spirit, the empathy, the intellectual processing power, the emotional breakdowns, the creativity. In other words, the real, good, juicy stuff.

This is why some relationships can become real so fast -- and often withstand the test of time -- they may be short, but they are full of the juicy stuff.

Here are a few ideas to spark this kind of bondig:

  • Travel (the next town over without a plan... or Laos!)
  • Learn a new sport
  • Take an art class
  • Lean a language
  • Go for a hike in bad weather (this is more fun than it sounds!)
  • Find a spot to throw pottery
  • Make pasta and sauce, from scratch, together
  • Grow a community garden
  • Write stories & share them
  • Do something Daredevil-ish (bungy jump, skydive, roller coasters)
  • Commit to an exercise plan, together