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Explosive revenue strategy for online education companies.

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A space where I muse, ponder and pontificate on excellence, leadership, growth, education and... whatever I happen to feel like.

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I love reading. In fact, I spend a LOT of time reading. These are books that found me at the right time and significantly impacted the way that I see the world. I'm indebted to the authors for their gifts. 

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Some of my favorite nights of the year!

A good old fashioned intellectual salon, where we grapple with some of life's biggest, toughest questions in the company of a small group of remarkable people & new friends.

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Finally, The Adirondacks have an iconic image. And I'm a professional vexillologist?

Being born & raised in the park, the Adirondacks are an integral part of my identity and my heart. I'm so happy that I've been able to offer the park and all those who love it, something back. 

At least 10% of all proceeds are donated back to the park, with a focus on environmental stewardship, economic vitality and educational opportunity. It feels so good!

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Social Media Free

In spite of (or perhaps because of) my immersion in the online world for my work, I do my best to cultivate a deep, slow and softly pleasurable life. I've been social media free for years. I suggest you give it a try. Relish the boredom.