Making the time to read

Reading is one of the most important things that I do. I read 100+ books a year. I read 30+ smart articles a day.

That's about 12 million words a year of learning focused reading.

The way I see it, my #1 priority is to go to bed smarter than when I woke up. This is a gem of a phrase that I stole from Charlie Munger and think about everyday.

Learning is a system that I trust. I've seen it pay off in spades -- in my career, in my relationships and in my self-awareness. Big, huge wins.

I know it's my priority. But, just because its clear, doesn't mean it's effortless.

I make the time to read with these five key strategies:

  1. I always, always have a book with me.
  2. I treat my well edited Feedly (where I get 90% of my articles from) as my guilty pleasure
  3. I binge read. Mostly on the weekends.
  4. 99% of the time, I don't do TV, social media or "news".
  5. I always have at least 2 books going, so I can pick based on which one I feel like reading.

These may or may not be the right strategies for you. But, I assure you, there are strategies that will help you make time.

The best strategies are simple, but they're probably not easy.

Sit down and identify what you need to do to make time. Then do it.