It's rarely rocket science.

Most things just aren't that complicated. In fact, most things, get worse when they get complicated.

Running a successful company is much less about doing 5,000 different things, and much, much more about doing 10 key things 5,000 times (0ver & over & over again). It's all about optimizing the system.

The thing is that doing 10 key things 5,000 times takes a totally different skill set than coming up with the 5,000 ideas.

It requires action and determination and consistency. It requires grit and willpower. Honestly, it's less fun than brainstorming!

But that work ethic is where success comes from 99% of the time. It comes from the action, consistently optimized, not the idea.

After all, any action at all -- even stupid action -- trumps any idea, any day.