Short term & long term changes

Short term changes and long term changes require different things from you. Short term changes do great with pushes: will power, carrots & sticks and even deliberate setups (like removing all junk food from your house).

Pushing is how we see 99% of resolutions and diets setup.

We will it. We push it. We hope that once we get momentum, it'll keep going.

And it works. For the minute.

Pushing is exhausting. Even if you manage to push yourself for a month or a year or even a decade, you aren't going to feel good about your progress and you'll constantly be on guard, fearful of not pushing enough.

If you want long term change that feels good (reflecting over years or decades), it requires something totally different.

Long term change requires a reframe. A totally new way of thinking about the situation and the choices. A way doesn't require you to push.

Perhaps you look at writing as a cathartic expression of your ideas rather than a necessary marketing evil... or you look at exercise as your opportunity to have some alone time with yourself, rather than a daily dose of self-hatred. You get the idea.

Reframes don't make it easy everyday. You may still get resistance, but its a friendlier conversation with yourself, focused on your core wants rather than your fears or hatred.

But perhaps the funniest thing about reframes is that, although they don't seem to move you towards your destination as quickly (because they're less goal centric and more holistic), it's most certainly a case of the tortoise beating the hare.


ExcellenceRebecca Rapple