The truth about short cuts

The truth about shortcuts is a lot like the fallacy of effortlessness. They don't exist -- at least, not in the way that they are advertised.

Short cuts absolutely exist, in terms that there are shorter & longer ways to get from point A to point B, but the fast lane to beat all of your competition easily & quickly, there's no such thing.

Shortcuts come from people who have discipline to zoom out and evaluate their market strategically and execute their vision exquisitely. Most people skip this vague and challenging task.

"Overnight successes" are almost always people who have valuable adjacent skills that they developed over the long term. These advantages are often invisible from the outside, but are the basis of quick success.

The seeming unbeatable leadership position came not from any single shortcut or action, but rather through hundreds or thousands of consistent decisions.

All in all, shortcuts come down to three skills

  1. Evaluating the system for ways to do things differently and better
  2. Evaluating yourself to identify adjacent value that you can offer
  3. Executing with discipline and excellence

Rather then search for the shortcut, hone these three skills, and you'll come out ahead -- in the short & long term.