Why I do things everyday...

As someone who is exceedingly flexible about just about everything, people are often shocked by the number of commitments that I have for myself  (nearly) everyday. For me, doing something (nearly) everyday is so much easier than doing something on specific days.

For me I think that it comes down to three things:

  1. If I do it everyday, I waste no time rationalizing if today is the day. (I'm supposed to go to the gym today... but, I could just do it tomorrow.)
  2. If I do it everyday, I am far more likely to remember. After all, it comes up every 24 hours. Everyday. I often forget specific days, unless there is a very clear cue.
  3. If I do it everyday, I lower the barrier. Nothing will be miraculously good everyday. Not even Seth Godin (as amazingly good as he is). This helps me move forward, even when it's not "perfect".

But, as you'll note, I'm very careful to say NEARLY everyday. Otherwise, one missed day could derail all of the success in my mind. And one missed day is never, ever worth that.

Nearly gives me that bit of breathing room and the gumption to jump back up after a little stumble.


To read more about this topic, check out my dear friend Nicky's post on 7 Reasons that He Does it Everyday and Gretchen Rubin's split of personalities into moderators and abstainers. Doing it everyday is the epitome of an abstainer... in reverse. :)

ExcellenceRebecca Rapple