Status is Everywhere.

It always makes me chuckle when people talk about status as if it is a singular category or item. Status is a value signal to the group of people you desire to belong to and what you value.

It doesn't have to mean money. In fact, status can come from things that cost LESS money -- like the status of packing your child's lunch for school.

  • I care about the latest fasion (just like you) so I carry a LV purse
  • I value crafts made with love (just like you), so I knit my own scarves
  • I value quality tools (just like you) so my chain saw is construction grade
  • I love the outdoors (just like you) so I wear Arcterx
  • I value making money (just like you), so I drive a BMW

The funny thing about status is that, no matter what group you belong to -- the ones who spend, save or thrift --  it sparks emotions from confusion to disdain from the outside while it sparks admiration, pride or jealousy from the inside.

And it's that emotional reaction of categorizing that is the whole point of status: I elevate myself relative to you, based on my values.

BusinessRebecca Rapple