Betting On Yourself

My friend Ryan recently wrote out his 10 point creed for life -- inspired by his desire to share his values with his young daughter. My favorite of his 10 was the first, which includes the tenant to "Always bet on yourself."

This is a goal that I strive to live up to... but often feel that I fall short of. It's not that I don't bet on myself -- I do -- but, rather that I find it difficult to measure if I am being aggressive enough in my betting.

I always seem to wonder -- what if I REALLY bet on myself? What if I went all in? Sink or swim?

I'm not sure that is my actual goal... but given the discord, I thought deeply about what I think it means to bet on yourself.

  1. I trust myself above others. This is not a way for me to reject reality or rationality, but rather that, after reflecting on a challenge with an open mind, I make decisions based on my understanding and my reasoning -- not anyone else's.
  2. I expand my comfort zone. I have trust in myself, even when I don't know the answers in advance or when I'm outside of my comfort zone. By consistently betting on myself, I'm committed to expanding my comfort zone, for life.
  3. I step up. I take action and bring my whole self to the table, playing to the best of my ability, given the circumstances. I don't fail due to fear or lack of commitment.
  4. I trust others. Winning usually requires other people. I trust that if I show up and do the work, others will recognize it. I live by my Success Formula. I trust that with both quality & quantity, I will win people over.
  5. I am okay with losing. I know that there are things outside of my control. I know that betting inherently includes some losing. I do my best not to take it personally. I do my best to avoid it. AND I don't allow potential failure to stop me from betting on myself.


ExcellenceRebecca Rapple