Pleasure requires attention

It's hardly news that our attention is become ever more fragmented and fleeting. And, in response, everything is getting louder, brighter and more addictive.

The same mechanism is happening in the arena of pleasure: its getting louder and louder... while reducing in quality.

Pleasure has transformed to attention seeking. After all, you can't have pleasure without attention.

Flavors are louder & bolder than ever, increasing not for the purpose of pleasure, but for the purpose of getting your attention. You'll find that if you eat many of these attention seeking foods (candy, soda, fast food) with your full attention, they don't even taste good! They only taste good when used as a method of getting attention, of distracting us.

Mainstream movies and TV do the same thing for human relationships. They turn up the volume, simplify and dramatize.

The simple pleasures of knowing those around you and feeling seen as yourself have been traded for the drama and wit of writers coupled with the unthinkable beauty and poise of actors.

Its not that turning up the volume is inherently bad, rather that we have, as a society forgotten how to turn the volume down.

How to bask in the sweetness of an apple How to enjoy the simple company of neighbors.

We've forgotten about the pleasures that don't call for our attention,
but rather unfold once our attention is gifted.

There is no pleasure without attention. There is no love without attention.

Attention is the most valuable asset you can offer. Gift it mindfully.