The Easy Way to Change Your Life

Want easy? Pull yourself towards what you want. Mostly, we push ourselves internally. You know, issue threats, feel guilty about our choices, say things so mean that we would never say them to anyone else... all in the name of getting what we want.

Change through pushing is hard because it feels hard. 

We're clearly doing something we don't want to do (otherwise, why would we need threats?).

We're always one small slip up from failure, virtually never achieving success.

We're punishing ourselves (way) more than we are celebrating.

Sounds hard. Actually, sounds like it sucks.

There's a better way. And, it's easy because it feels easy.

In the same way that pushing feels hard, pulling feels easy. It's all in the framework.

BUT you want change that isn't easy? You know, picking salad over hot wings... or work over play... 

NEWS FLASH: you don't want pain in your life... and in turn, you don't actually want things that are painful.

The key is to know and understand exactly what you want so badly.

Identify what you want and what it takes to get it. Then decide if you still want it.

Deciding is a key part of success and yet 99% of people completely skip it!

Sure, everyone "wants" to be a billionaire... but when you look at the choices and the sacrifices that becoming a billionaire entails, a lot of people are going to opt out. They don't actually want to be a billionaire.

There is no shame in this. It is supremely wise to decide that you don't want to do what it takes to get what you "want" -- AND, in turn, to realize that you don't actually want that thing!

Frame all decisions around what you want -- NOT what you don't want.

You don't like being told no. You like being told yes.

Your goal is to keep what you want front and center and to say yes to yourself as much as possible.

Suddenly, you aren't saying "no" to the glass of wine, you're saying yes to delightful early mornings... you aren't saying "no" to your friends, you're saying yes to your dream to be an author...

And, again, because this is worth repeating: its okay to find out that you don't actually want what you thought you wanted.

As hard as pushing is, pulling is easy. It's like a cheat code to success.

The hardest part? Keeping what you want front and center.