Satisfaction & Happiness

Calvin-and-Hobbes-Euphoria Our culture chases happiness. We place a high value on the burst of chemicals in our brain that say "Yay! Happiness!"

We also place a high value on the things that we think will boost happiness. I got a pony (a raise, a haircut, a motorcycle)! Yay! Happiness.

But happiness is fleeting. Euphoria, even more so.

Satisfaction, happiness's much less sexy cousin, is the one staying power.

But the pursuit of satisfaction often flies directly in the face of happiness.

Long term satisfaction thrives under conditions that do not support moment-to-moment happiness. It requires a lot of yourself, including swimming against the current (laziness, momentary happiness, society at large) when it is in your best interest.

It requires change, discomfort and effort: all happiness no no's.

The highest form of satisfaction looks back on growth, reflecting on how far you've come... and what you were able to accomplish that never would have been possible with your earlier self.

Satisfaction stems from pride & respect for your actions, your goals and yourself.

If you're seeking long-term satisfaction, those are the things you should be optimizing.

ExcellenceRebecca Rapple