A Question for tough decisions...

Tough decisions tend to feel complicated and overwhelming. This question simplifies, clarifies and provides a path of action: What would it take for me to feel great about making this decision?

Sometimes, there isn't a great answer... But often, I get a flash of inspiration and a to-do list to match it.

Most often this happens when I want something, but feel apprehensive about it. In that case, the action is a litmus test for whether or not I'm devoted to the decision I'd like to make.

One example is a business investment. I told myself that in order to feel great about it, I had to make 5 sales calls and close at least one project. In that case, I was motivated and hit it out of the park.... I made the calls immediately and the investment less than a week later.

Another time, I was attempting to determine the fate of a relationship. I realized that I would only feel great about making the decision if we did a short term trial separation. He wasn't open to this, so we ended it then.

Getting clear about what you need to feel great is the first step to making great decisions, even if those decisions inherently suck.


ExcellenceRebecca Rapple