Are you leading a team... or a committee?

From the outside, teams and committees* look very similar. And, when things are easy, the results might even be similar. Internally, they couldn't be more different.

Teams are motivated around a singular goal, larger than any of them. Committees are groups of people that are protecting their own interests.

When marketing is looking out for marketing, or a town thinking only about their citizens (and not the whole county or state), you know you're in a committee.

The differences become readily apparent when the going gets hard.

On a team, decisions may be hard and discussion heated, but it culminates in action. Often, challenging, bold action, that may even be negative for members of the team.

On a committee, nothing real gets done. There is much discussion and fanfare... but, action is usually blocked, delayed or exceedingly safe. When it comes to hard times, committees rarely win.

As a leader, you need to unite and motivate your team around a common goal. Identifying and communicating that goal is your biggest challenge.


*What it's called is clearly irrelevant.