Why the little things matter...

I'm all about focusing on big wins. I often get feedback that I am be so big win focused, that I let the little stuff slide. Yesterday, I got a stark reminder why that that doesn't always cut it.

I was touring a recently renovated house. When I opened up one of the cabinets, the door wouldn't close properly, it wasn't installed or aligned quite right.

That was the end of my tour, the house was vetoed. All because I lost trust in the builder.

Clearly, they only cared about making it look good from the outside, not quality, functionality or longevity. I assumed that there were lots of other issues like this, many of them much bigger and more ominous.

Even though the functioning cabinet would be a quick and easy fix that really didn't change the home's value, the fact that it advertised that they didn't care was enough for me to walk away without regret.

Your customers do this too.

Where are you losing people due to the little things?

BusinessRebecca Rapple