Reimagine your weaknesses as strengths

Before your launch your new thing, step back and identify its biggest weaknesses.

Launching a new career? Evaluate your experience, your network, your resume, etc.

Launching a new business? Evaluate your plan, your market, your offer, your network, etc.

Next, take that weakness and find a way to make it a strength. All it takes is a mindset shift.

Is your product too short for the price point? No -- it's laster focused and a time saver.

Is it too long? It's the definative be-all-end-all resource.

Is your career in the wrong industry?  No -- it gives you a unique perspective that helps you identify opportunities. (Come up with a couple right now)

New to town with no network? No -- you've got a huge opportunity to network with other transplants (they all remember being the new guy).

Reimagining your weaknesses as strengths isn't about putting lipstick on a pig. Not at all. Your work must be excellent.

Take a look at the example of the product that is too short or too long: two very different markets would be interested in each of them. Neither one is inherently better, just different.

This exercise is also NOT a way to lie to yourself (or to your customers). Everyone loses in that equation.

Transforming your weaknesses into strengths helps you see power you already have by identifying strengths in yourself and your projects that you didn't know existed.


BusinessRebecca Rapple