The winning attitude? Curiosity.

Years ago, I read a book by Benjamin Zander, the famous Boston Philharmonic conductor. It's an easy read. I breezed through it on the beach. But, boy has it stayed with me. One of Ben's primary assertions is that the best response to almost any outcome is curiosity: ask, what can I learn from this situation.

It went amazingly well! I wonder why? Oh my god, I bombed. I wonder why? So and so let me down... I wonder why?

He goes so far as to have his players say -- "How fascinating!" -- as a way to immediately tap into curiosity without all of the fear and negative emotions that dampen creativity.

And that is the purpose of curiosity.

Curiosity is the mindset in which we invite creativity in to play. It invites us to imagine something new, something different, something better.

Creativity can't exist without curiosity.