The Purpose of Social Proof

Great businesses know that social proof works (hello Yelp & Amazon reviews!). But many businesses miss the whole point of social proof. Social proof has two goals:

  1. Prove that it works for someone like ME
  2. Prove that people overcome MY problem

Essentially, the goal is for me to FEEL that I belong in the group.

You'll note that all of these are about ME seeing MYSELF and MY problems in the social proof. ME, ME, ME. The focus is all on the prospect.

Collect your social proof with this in mind: organize it by WHO the person is and WHAT their problem is. Solicit quotes and photos from your ideal customer demographics, specifically on the biggest challenges.

Highlight the quotes (and photos) of people closest to your ideal customer... starting with the biggest, most pressing challenge and working your way down from there.

Remember: if it's not making your IDEAL customer feel like they belong in the group (no matter how glowing the praise), your social proof is doing you a huge disservice.


BusinessRebecca Rapple