Lower the bar

I'm motivated by excellence. I want to be the best, I want to exceed expectations, I want to go beyond what even I think is possible. I'm wonderfully motivated by excellence. And for it, I'm grateful.

But this core trait is horrible motivation for getting started. It can be paralyzing.

How can I even start a blog post when my expectation is that it is the best? How can I commit to this relationship if I'm not confident it can be the best? How can I go to exercise class if I might be the worst?

The way that I handle it? Split your motivation to start and finish.

My goal is simply to open up my website and write a few words. My goal is simply to have fun and see where this goes. My goal is simply to arrive at class, that's all it takes to win.

Lowering the barrier to entry is a highly effective strategy if you're struggling to get started. It doesn't mean that you have to lower your standards in the long run.


PS - This was inspired at a lovely brunch with Alex where we jammed about motivation, getting things done and excellence.


ExcellenceRebecca Rapple