Permission to be human...

You know & I know that entrepreneurship is all about the hustle. Especially in the beginning... where its all about pushing through the uncomfortable stuff. How to talk about what you do... what the heck is your brand? ... how to create structure and manage your time?!?! Not to mention money. Oh the money mental gymnastics!

Fear is a dominant emotion in the early days and it makes us do some crazy stuff. And we learn how to push through it. No matter how uncomfortable or chaotic it gets.

After three years, countless clients and 3 new businesses, I am a master at pushing through it.

The netflix binges that punctuated my early days? Nearly gone. The panic around the question "What do you do?" A thing of the past. The question mark at the end of my pricing? Ha.

Pushing through it had become a way of life. And something I rarely questioned.

Enter November.

I started an amazing and very demanding new gig. I was in full swing for getting this site ( launched. And, I got about a pound of salt poured in a deep, deep emotional wound. Not to mention the holidays...

By early January, I was barely holding it together.

I tried drowning myself in self-care -- hello baths, massages & yoga galore! I tried cutting coffee... eating better... taking a weekend off grid... going to bed early... And I was already doing the bare minimum for this site and all of my other projects.

But I was sinking and just couldn't keep afloat.

Conversations with my friends, my coach and my therapist all ended with -- Can you just take some time off of

I always said no. The only tool I had in my belt was to push through. Push through the discomfort. Push through the fear. Push, push, push.

Until I couldn't. I came home from one of those conversations -- with my dear friend Jeanne -- and thought to myself "Self-care -- Rebecca, you have to get your ass to the doctor's! You can't do this any more."

Although I didn't say it outloud, I knew right then that I was going to give myself some time off.

Time off from my business. Time off from my inbox. And most importantly, time off from my guilt for not pushing hard enough.

And I needed it. I found out that I was experiencing Stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue (it sucks). And my doctor's main prescription was to downshift. Which I did.

And here I am. Six weeks later. Adrenals back up in the normal range. And most importantly, I'm a touch bit wiser.

So right now, I want to give you the permission that I wish I had been able to give myself:

It's okay for you to push through -- to be tough, strong and determined -- if that is what will feel best next week.


It's okay for you to back off and take a break and even let people down if that is what you are deeply aching for and if that is what is going to make next week better.

So thanks for rolling with the punches of life with me. I can't wait to be back next week and share one of my favorite episodes & worksheets to date.

Much Love, Rebecca

PS - Do you know someone who could use a little permission slip to slow down and be human? Go ahead and share this with them, maybe its exactly what they need right now.