Do you feel guilty about charging people money?

In my first business, in the job search space, I heard a huge number of heartbreaking stories. People who were unemployed & truly down on their luck. But I remember one girl in particular, Dana.

We had our introductory call and Dana decided that she NEEDED to work with me. After discussing the pricing, she wanted to split it between three credit cards.

Trigger my massive guilt. It felt like I was charging too much money...

But I had already given one away for free that morning(!), so I tried to talk her out of it -- into one of my lower priced offerings.  Dana would have none of it. She said "I know that this will work for me. I know that this is going to turn it around."

And low and behold, it did. A week and a half after our work together, she got TWO job offers for $22k more than her previous job (and she had been unemployed for 4 months!).

Meanwhile, the gentleman I had guiltily helped for free, who had a stronger resume & better connections was still flailing about. Unsuccessful...

I thought to myself... there must be something more here. And there is...

What if I told you that making someone want to buy something can make them a better person?

Sound a little hard to believe? Well, it's true.

You see, deciding to buy is exactly the same process as deciding to change. So what we are REALLY doing when we sell, is helping our audience decide to change their lives for the better.

For themselves.

And this this something that sales and specifically money does better than just about anything. Think about a big investment you've made... did it help you step up to the challenge? To take it seriously?

Owning the sales process is one of the most important lessons to learn as a business owner. So, seriously, watch this video.

And now it's your turn to tell me!

Have you ever seen this play out in your life... or with your clients? I love hearing your stories!

Until next week,


BusinessRebecca Rapple