Desired Equalibriums

For most of my life, relaxation and rest have been synonymous. When it was time for me to relax, I'd engage in a restful activity -- Netflix, mindless internet-ing, fun reading, taking a bath, etc.

Lately though, I've come to think as relaxation as a return to my life's equilibrium after the normal trials and tribulations of life.

Seems small, but it has big consequences.

Rather than resting, relaxation means doing an activity that brings me closer to the normative state I desire in my life.

And I don't desire a life of rest.

Rather a life of excitement! And coziness. And adventure. And ease. And love. And fun. And beauty. And simplicity. And, and, and.

So now, when I want to relax, I find a way to move towards one of those states of being.

This has meant a lot less internet.... and a lot more candles, walks and dinner parties.

ExcellenceRebecca Rapple