Being Worthy of Remark

What does it mean to dress with style? According to Hillary Rushford, it's all about dressing in a way that is "worthy of remarking upon."

I love that. And I try to.

But the thing is -- when you're figuring it all out -- dressing worthy of remark is scary. Not all remarks are positive. Not everyone is going to be on your side.

And, once people acclimate to your new style, what will be worthy of remark will still make you anxious. After all, what is worthy of remark is something that is just beyond their comfort zone (and, in turn, probably yours!).

Even once you develop fantastic style, you can't always tell if it will be a hit... or a big fat miss. (See all fashion shows, ever.)

In fact, trying to guess what will work can totally stifle you. It's the burden of the expectation of your style and the fear of falling from a greater height.

The solution: Lighten up and explore your edge.

And, yes, this applies to way more than dressing yourself. It applies to any and all acts of creativity.