The 5-10x Rule

As a leader, your job is to empower your team. Empowerment requires decision making frameworks -- in other words, rules. (here's one) Another rule that works like a charm is my 5-10x rule.

Explain to your team that each step up on the totem pole, the person's time is worth 5-10x as much. So, when they have a problem, if they can solve it 5-10x faster by asking a question of their manager -- ask away! If not, figure it out on your own (try things, call support, etc.).

Note that you have to explain decision making frameworks. They're not a given, not always intuitive and not the same at every organization. To empower, you have to educate and reenforce.

This is also a great rule for yourself and other leaders. If you are doing things that AREN'T 5-10x more valuable than your team, its time to make changes, pronto. This rule forces you to think about leverage and how to make your time exponentially more valuable.

LeadershipRebecca Rapple