Is it really a weakness?

There are many reasons why you might be bad at something. One of them is that the thing is a weakness. You're just destined to suck at it. But, we are way too quick to label something that didn't go well as a weakness.

There is a huge gulf between weakness and lack of skill development. Unless you've put in the hours, you have no idea if the thing is a weakness or simply a lack of practice.

Another gulf exists between the thing itself and all of the adjacent skills that complicate it. It's rare that we get to test any single skill on its own merit.

Maybe you're a great artist, but have a weakness in sales... leading you not to make sales (even though you really are good at art!)

Or maybe, you're a great artist, but haven't developed your sales skills yet... (also not making sales, also good at art... and with the potential to make lots of sales, with some hard work!)

Just because you don't knock the first ball out of the park hardly means that you have a weakness. Don't let a lack of skill development or the adjacent skills, which often invisible, cloud your judgement of yourself.

What you label yourself counts for a lot.

ExcellenceRebecca Rapple