The words don't matter that much...

The other day, I was talking with a friend about her business. She was a little stressed out about the quality of her sales copy and specifically feeling like not all of the words were "quite right".

Screw the words.

Okay, okay, yes, words are important... and copy can make a big difference, but I say focus on what really moves the needle.

Get clear on what message and feeling you want to convey.

Copy gets so much easier after that. Then every sentence, every word, can be evaluated by a simple litmus test: Is this creating the message and feeling I want?

It also means you can write from the heart. After all, the message & feeling IS the heart.

And here's the thing, getting to the message and the feeling isn't necessarily harder. It's just not the question we usually ask ourselves.

In the end, the words don't matter that much... but the feelings, they count for everything.

BusinessRebecca Rapple