Types of Intelligence

When someone says "Oh how smart!", almost everyone is referring to intellectual prowess. That's what our schools teach, that is was what our society honors. But there are many intelligences beyond cognitive intellect.

In my mind, there are four primary types of intelligence, although others say that there are nine.

Intellectual Intelligence Emotional Intelligence Physical Intelligence Spiritual Intelligence

I purposefully create space to nurture each of these types of intelligences, although I certainly have my favorites (which are also the most developed).

School and society undervalues the latter three kinds of intelligence. It's up to you to prioritize expanding your potential.


This reminds me one of my favorite quotes of all times. Attributed-ish to Einstein, it grounds me when I get too far into left-brain mode.

Intuition is a sacred gift and rationality a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. -Bob Samples & Albert Einstein

ExcellenceRebecca Rapple