Finding Your Totem

Totems are powerful things. They are symbolic, sometimes even considered magical. As a very present person, it can be very easy for me to forget things that aren't directly in front of me. Even if they are important.

I use totems to keep the ideas, experiences and people that are important to me front and center:

I see my tattoo, from my time in Tonga, and I am immediately reminded that happiness and material goods aren't related. I'm reminded that we can be seen and understood in ways that go beyond words. And, I'm reminded of my grandma who passed away on my final day in Tonga. Most specifically of her unyielding love.

I see my ring, made from a garnet on the mountain that I grew up on and my first pure luxury good purchase as an adult. It fills me with love and joy and gratitude. It reminds me of my family and that priorities shouldn't get confused.

I see my pencil drawing of Sterling Library and I am filled with pride and shock and awe. It reminds me of how I've grown and how much people can change.

I see my ACL scars and it brings me back to ski racing and the precarious balance of risk and reward. It brings back the highs -- and the lows -- of competition. It also offers me access to the sheer joy and freedom I feel with skis on my feet.

Theres one other thing that I am looking for a totem of right now.

I highly recommend that you figure out what you want to keep front & center in your life and find a totem - something symbolic, something that magically draws you back - that will help you keep it there.