Dreaming of a change?

I was speaking with some new friends today about shifts that they wanted in their lives and what they hoped they would look like. They painted beautiful pictures of holding onto that glimpse of insight that seems to quickly elude us and of suddenly having new habits.

But that is not what most change looks like.

Most change come in the form of an opportunity - an awareness of a choice -- that didn't previously exist. 

It comes when you ask yourself a question or have that moment of pause and recognition, rather than jump mindlessly into habitual action.

That's the hard part: the opportunity doesn't make the decision for you. Even after the shift, you are on the hook for the action.

We are all fallible human beings. We take some opportunities, we decline others and, sometimes we ignore them enough that they just go away.

This means that shifts and changes are rarely clean cut or black and white. And, unfortunately, ignoring the question gets easier every time that you brush it off.

Shifts and opportunities for change that result in absolutely nothing are everywhere. They are the glimpse of wisdom without teeth of action.

If you really want change you need to prepare yourself for the decision that comes after the opportunity and stay vigilant.