Underrated Skill: Self Management

One of, if not the single most important skill to thrive in a creative life (emotionally, intellectually, spiritually) is self management, or the internal ability to affect your mood, energy, productivity and attitude. Everyone can cultivate it.

Another way to think about it -- it's your ability to be a good boss to yourself. Your ability to direct motivate, focus, grow and sustain yourself. Pretty much the same list of core responsibilities of any manager!

Here are four great questions to start thinking about how you currently manage yourself... and how you can be a better boss for yourself!

  1. What is my #1 priority? Am I honoring it?
  2. What drives me to action?
  3. When do I handle setbacks effectively? When do they derail me?
  4. What replenishes me?

Even small improvements in self-management are 10x wins in life, so make them long term changes. Small & steady wins this race.