Internal Expecations

I am a horrible painter. It's true. I'm sure I could become better, master some techniques, but that's not the point.

I enjoy painting because I have absolutely zero attachment to the outcome.

I expect it to be bad. I don't care when it is bad.

I have no fear when it comes to painting - even showing it to other people because I have no ego attachment to the outcome. I don't care that I am bad and I don't care if other people think that I am the worst painter on earth.

My ability to paint (or lack thereof) is not part of my self-identified value.

What this tells me is that the fear of being seen comes not from skill or lack thereof -- but from internal expectations of your performance and your confidence that you can meet them.

If you're afraid, maybe you should try caring less and perhaps even enjoying being less-than-amazing at something.

Excellence, LearningRebecca Rapple