The Light of Day

When times have been hard I've found a (nearly) universal cure: The Light of Day.

When I'm most uncomfortable and ashamed of something, the best thing to do is share it. To bring those complicated, messy, painful feelings into the light of other people.

Here's a real world example: in college I had a pretty nasty eating disorder (a combo of anorexia and bulimia). While I was eventually able to mostly break it in secret, I didn't stop fearing it until I could comfortably share my experiences: until I brought it into the light of day.

I also know that if, on a tough day of procrastination, I find myself compensating by saying how great my day has been, I'm digging myself deeper in the hole.

The funny thing is, that in the moment, I believe that stating my day was great will motivate me to change or make me feel better. FALSE! So false. It makes me feel worse!

By being honest and open about my flaws, I find a well of compassion that enables me to move forward and drop the baggage about what's happened in the past.

It may be uncomfortable, but the light of day is generally the best medicine.


ExcellenceRebecca Rapple