The importance of AND thinking

I've been dismayed by many things over the current state of political reality television. But perhaps most of all, I've been disappointed in both the left and the right by their desperate grip of black and white, frequently extreme, thinking. In nearly any complicated discussion, the most accurate view point tends to be an AND...

Globalization and free trade has been great for overall American wealth AND it hurts a portion of our society.

Capitalism is (arguably) the best system we've found for large scale societal organization AND, especially when coupled with debt, it is inherently a paperclip maximizer that needs to be regulated.

Healthcare should not cause bankruptcies AND we need to have some difficult discussions about health care consumption  and personal responsibility as a society.

Diversity is good for meritocracy AND there are very real (and innocent) losers when we increase diversity.

The freedom of speech needs to be defended, especially when we don't like what the person has to say, AND it is our responsibility to ensure that everyone is treated with the respect and dignity deserving of a human being.

White men are responsible for many of societies greatest achievements AND white men are responsible for many of societies greatest ills.

There are population level gender differences (and age, race and height for that matter!) AND women are under represented in leadership and under paid in the workplace.
note - I don't think that the author was perfectly accurate about the population level differences, but that's not to say that there aren't any.

There is significant bias against some populations AND many the people who are biased are basically innocent: they don't desire to be biased and are unaware of their bias.

We have to stop shouting about only one side. Its more complicated than that.

I'm tired and weary of the extreme positions that completely miss the muddy middle. It might not be sexy, but at least its real.