Are you a marathoner or a sprinter?

Do you burst and rest? Do you have intense periods of high energy and creative inspiration... and other times where the energy just isn't there? Can you get incredible amounts of work done in a short time? Do you occasionally burn out after long periods of intense exertion?

I do. We're sprinters.

Is consistency your jam? Do you work at a similar pace all the time? Does slow & steady sound familiar?

You're a marathoner.

Chalk this one up to the underrated skill of self knowledge.

Neither is better, but it's easy for both groups to be jealous of each other! I wish I could get that much done! /// I wish I could be consistent like you! Or, in turn, to be disdainful of each other.

Just as both groups have their strengths, each group has different needs and struggles under different conditions. Sprinters struggle doing anything consistently and may require extreme external pressure. Marathoner's struggle when they feel like they don't have enough time or that they've been being pushed too hard for too long.

Once you own this self knowledge, think carefully about what conditions will support you most effectively -- and experiment!