The Void Left by Religion

The very act of being human has needs beyond the physical. A need to be accepted. A need to know one's place. A need to understand and be understood.

For most of human existence, magic, folklore and then religion fulfilled these needs.

They answered who you (and your people) were, why you were here. They kept track of the seasonality of life. They celebrated births and milestones and offered solace at death. They provided a steady cadence to life.

Modern society allows many of these needs to go unmet.

We don't have built in answers to "what is the meaning of life?" or "why am I here?" We don't even have clarity over who to ask about it. We don't have the comfort of weekly guidance and an opportunity to reflect as a community. In fact, few of us has a larger community to be a part of.

As a non-church going atheist leaning agnostic, I'm hardly advocating for religion. I am actively anti-religion in its current form. I think that its wonderful that we have the opportunity to think for ourselves and determine our own beliefs. I believe in seeking our own answers, rather than accepting pre-determined dogma.

But that doesn't mean that we haven't lost something.

Weekly reflection & guidance. A larger community. A cadence to life and the seasons.

LearningRebecca Rapple