A month of getting things done...

Today I got a TON done. More than would have seemed possible in a work day. Yet it was spacious and punctuated by breaks. It felt good, albeit plagued by resistance. It was hard. It required problem solving and creative thinking and do-overs.

And that traction came from focus. I wasn't on email. I wasn't available. I buckled down and got it done.

Focus can do that.

Today also  marks a month of near daily posts! (And I almost forgot to write, the irony!)

This experiment has also felt spacious and graceful. It's been punctuated by forgetfulness and intense inspiration. Shockingly, there has been little resistance at all.

And this traction - all these tiny ideas that I've released from my brain - came from the willingness to take one step at a time. And the willingness to falter without quitting.

One (baby) step at a time can do it too.

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