Humility, Arrogance & Pride

I have been thinking a lot about pride and it's relationship to satisfaction and happiness. Pride gets a really bad rap. I think that people have it all wrong.

Pride connotes a sense of greatness, as well as worthiness of that greatness.

No wonder it is a key driver of long term satisfaction and happiness. What's better than deeply believing that you are great AND worthy of that greatness?

What Pride is lacks, is the need for external validation.

Arrogance which also imply greatness apply it ONLY within the context of others and the external scale of their greatness.

Humility implies a degree of inferiority or insignificance, again, ONLY within the context of others and the external scale of greatness.

We can all feel arrogant playing a game of kickball with 5 year olds. We can all feel humble compared to the universe (or Einstein, Picasso, etc.)

It's almost impossible to feel pride in comparison with either of these metrics because that's not where pride comes from. Pride comes from an internal measure of your own greatness. You don't feel great about winning kickball with 5 year olds... and you don't have to be smarter than Einstein to feel pride in your accomplishments.

Arrogance is 'I am better than you' Humility is 'You might be (are) better than me' Pride is 'I am worthy of myself'