The Value of Pride

One of the best indicators of long term satisfaction is pride. Want to know if your relationship is a good one? Think to yourself about introducing your significant other to the people you value most in the world (your friends, relatives, mentors, heroes -- even if the introduction isn't practical). What are you saying? Are you making excuses... or are you beaming with pride?

Another way to ask the question -- can you walk into any room and introduce your mate to anyone and burst with pride?

While an excellent litmus test for relationships, it also works with yourself.

Finding out if you are proud of yourself, and can introduce yourself with pride in any situation is an excellent gauge of your satisfaction (and happiness). Struggling with being proud of oneself is a clear indicator that something needs to shift in your life.

The most interesting thing for me is that pride doesn't stem from the usual sources of "happiness advice" -- its doesn't stem from treats or sensory experiences or having the 'right' job. Pride stems from work, from pushing yourself beyond what you thought was possible and from the joy that comes with growth.

Talk about juxtaposed pathways to happiness!

ExcellenceRebecca Rapple