What's Important Now?

I've been loving this question for the last 3 or 4 weeks. It comes from a wonderful story (found in the book Essentialism) of a high school Rugby coach who propelled his team to victory after victory with his "Win" philosophy.

That philosophy? An acronym for living and dying by the question "What's Important Now?"

There are three reasons that this philosophy is so powerful:

  1. It pulls you out of your brain and into the moment
  2. It crystalizes focus on just one thing
  3. It forces you to prioritize -- and act

Together, they completely change your state of mind & trajectory.

Even as I was getting a massage, I found my brain chattering and obsessing... I asked myself "What's important now?" Having the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and take a break from my brain. And suddenly, things got quieter.

Other times I realize that I don't know what is important now, so I know that sitting down and prioritizing is exactly what I need to do.

And finally, I feel really good when I put myself at the top of that list, when me, or one of my goals, is what's important now. It amplifies the gratitude that I feel and my commitment to it.

All in all, use this question liberally. It's gold.