Limits help creativity thrive

Yesterday, I mentioned my capsule wardrobe (inspired by UnFancy) and how I learned a huge lesson about valuing quality over quantity. Well, I learned another big one too: Limits help creativity thrive!

It's crazy to think that I feel more creative in my much, much smaller closet, especially since there aren't endless combinations or tank tops in every-shade-of-everything. But, I do. Just today, I found a really fun outfit that I had never worn -- and I'm more than 2.5 months into a 37 item cycle.

By having less (my limitation), I am forced to try different things and step outside of my comfort zone much more frequently.

Creativity lives outside of our comfort zone.

When there are no limits, our comfort zone is like a huge building. There is no reason to step outside of it because there is always another path to go down.

It doesn't feel like it should be stifling because it's so large... but, it is.

If you limit it and make the building much smaller, you're much more likely to start opening those doors and seeing what's out there.

This is why the command -- Do something creative! -- is much more challenging than Come up with a dance you can do while sitting.

I bet you'd come up with a much more creative answer to the second question than the first one.