GOOD GOAL: More of your best

  The most fulfilling goals are almost always simple, but not easy -- and this one is no exception.

Do more of what you do best and most naturally --- and less of everything else.

Another way to state it would be to structure your work and your life around becoming  a better, truer version of yourself. Its all about spending the maximum time in your genius zone.

To do this successfully there are a number of leaps that need to be made. You need to:

  1. Develop and maintain the self awareness to know when you are at your best.
  2. Understand and communicate the value of working at your best (otherwise, you won't get paid for it).
  3. Earn the trust and negotiate buy in from your leadership that enables focus.
  4. Cultivate the support system that will not only take all the other stuff off of your plate, but even more importantly, actually accentuate and enhance your strengths with their own.
  5. Build the discipline to focus on your genius, without getting distracted by things that you are good at... or things that you are great at... or things you do quickly... or that one, little, high priority item that you can just squeeze in (its no big deal).

The biggest win? Turning your weakness into a solvable problem. Even a small step in that direction improves everything.